Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Business process improvement, or BPI, is a method designed to help you review your processes. Processes are repeatable groups of tasks or steps in a workflow that produce a certain result. For example, you might have an onboarding process for new hires or a process for reviewing quarterly goals. There are also broader business processes, such as the decision-making processes used in planning sessions. Here at Trevital, we capture the business process by mapping the levels and drilling down to the subprocess level while defining the swim lanes to show the interaction between teams.  

Business Process Improvement

BPMs fall under the business process management (BPM) umbrella, which encompasses the analysis of your business processes, their maintenance, and improvement. In business process analysis, a business analyst reviews your existing processes and determines if they are still effective, or if it might be time for an update.


BPI Process


Trevital helps you determine the problem and its impact on your company. Then we help you define your goals and the resources you’ll need to resolve it.

mearsurement  Measure

We measure the performance of the process and understand which steps are underperforming. This is where you will find the root cause of the problem.


Trevital helps you analyze the problematic steps and specify their cause and effect relationship with the overall process performance.



We help our agencies and enterprise organizations come up with possible solutions to the issue. Test them out and see if any of them bring a positive change to the process performance.


Once you find a good improvement solution, you want the positive changes to stick around. Trevital helps you create a control system that monitors the process’s performance so you can understand when and where you can improve more.

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