Full-service Design & Development

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our product owners to deliver engaging digital applications and data from multiple sources through APIs in cloud-managed services.


Open source solutions are built with customization and ease of use at their core — whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting.


Agile ceremonies to build requirements, user stories, sprints, and continuous releases. Continuous Stakeholder, Product Owner, and Business Owner communication and engagement along with Change Management and Business Readiness.

Cloud Management

AWS cloud to store code and applications, monitor and capture analytics. Our cloud engineers plan, design, manage, maintain, and support our customers cloud managed service needs.


Communication Plan

Establishing a Communications Plan that identifies the Stakeholders, business owners and senior-level staff opens channels of communication throughout the organization and teams affected by change and modernization.


Business Readiness

Socializing a product from its inception through the delivery with business sectors and staff leaves no room for surprises and forms a messaging campaign for buy-in and support of new products.



Various methods to deliver training that ensures all staff members have the tools needed to learn and execute products in a timely fashion.

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Open-source Solutions

Commercial businesses and Federal agencies choose Drupal as an open-source solution due to its scalability and flexibility to work with other new and innovative technologies. Trevital follows a custom approach while utilizing its more than 48,000+ modules in its Drupal library to eliminate developing from scratch. Drupal offers full content management controls, publishing controls, authentication, and an easy-to-navigate Administration panel. Most Federal agencies like the scalability and flexibility with no additional costs and server fees.

Agile Development

Trevital’s design and development teams follow the best practices of SAFe® Agile development using Scrum and Kanban methods and an iterative process with multiple releases, UAT to include Stakeholder and business owner input along the way. The Agile software methodology we use includes the full Agile lifecycle, including the following processes: User Story Development; User Story Mapping, Time Boxing, Test Driven Development, Sprint Ceremonies (sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, and retrospective); Refactoring; Planning Poker; Domain Driven Design; Iterative and Incremental Design and Development; Product and Sprint Backlog; Agile Testing; Integrated Team (Product Owner and Scrum of Scrums, upstream and downstream interface systems)

Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design is the understanding of how the customer views the current application and its offerings compared to their expectations and applying these findings is important to the success of a user-friendly application. We look at the end-to-end customer experience and not just a touchpoint along the way.

The five steps we follow to optimize the customer's experience is:

  • Identify the highest priority of the Customer Journeys through evaluation
  • Get to know the customer
  • Understand how customers interact with your organization
  • Identify the right customer experience success metrics
  • Get the Buy-in and cross-team program leadership and employees

There are many other applications in the marketplace today so loyalty from the end user is critical to the success of the product we develop for you. Taking a look at the customer and how they connect with your products and brand is vital to moving forward with your success. Let us work with your business to reach this goal.

AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging AWS services to provide enhanced search functionality, augmented workflows, Natural Language Processing, and data relationship discovery. Our team uses several AI approaches to improve operations and user experience that include: Personalization, Interaction, Automation, and DevOps processes to speed up the delivery.

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Trevital’s DevOps Teams are focused on improving the lead time and frequency of the delivery of releases through an enhanced engineering practice that includes a more cohesive collaboration between the development, security, and operations through the continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) delivery. We at Trevital still implement an Agile methodology during the CI/CD process that we manage in the Cloud. These two processes share similar goals so products are delivered within scope and budget.


Project Management

Trevital brings forward strong skills in Program and Project Management to lead and coordinate a group of projects that support a strategic business initiative from launching a new project, a business development process, or a team to executing a technology division within your organization.

Trevital Project Management offers:

  • Daily program management throughout the program lifecycle
  • Define the program governance
  • Manage the program’s budget
  • Manage risks and issues and take corrective measurements
  • Coordinate the projects and their interdependencies
  • Manage and utilize resources across projects
  • Manage stakeholder communication
  • Align deliverables to the program’s outcome
  • Manage the main program documents

Our Program and project managers guide Agile teams, generate Roadmaps, documentation, project plans and report to the senior leadership while projects are ongoing.


System Integration

The Trevital team works with a diverse set of specialized systems over various platforms on behalf of multiple agencies to ensure the interoperability of streamlined data. Using APIs to pull data from existing data sources and connecting to push data out, this method keeps information fresh.


Data Analytics

Our team brings forward Data Scientists with subject matter expertise to research and scrub relevant data. We review and gather statistics from various sources to enable our team to plan and execute projects to best meet user expectations and deliver. Some measures used to provide data via predictive analytics, knowledge extraction, data visualization, data warehouse, and data lakes.


Quality Assurance

Objective, customer-focused testing throughout the entire project lifecycle to deliver production-ready software. Testing includes 508 compliance using WAVE during development and JAWS testing for all Users with Disabilities who have the opportunity to endure the content and data delivered through the products we deliver. We follow US Web Design Services (USDWS) from concept to design to development, it is never an afterthought.

Professional Services

Change Management:

Openly addressing change with the people who are impacted in your organization through awareness, preparation, and communication. Check out more (link to the change management page)

Business Process Improvement:

BPMs fall under the business process management (BPM) umbrella, which encompasses the analysis of your business processes, their maintenance, and improvement. In business process analysis, a business analyst reviews your existing processes and determines if they are still effective, or if it might be time for an update. Check out more (link to the Business Process page)

Survey Methodology:

Surveys are conducted in various formats to gain insight into a product or service. Trevital encourages the use of surveys to gauge the awareness, readiness, and adoption of a project through the life cycle to enable the right conversations and redirect the design and development of a product before it's too late. Check out more (link to the survey page)

Communication & Outreach:

At Trevital we power your communications strategy to your internal network of collaborative teams so that program and project stakeholders are connected to important information impacting core business. Communications and outreach impact both internal and external communications. Here at Trevital, we use many methods to engage with stakeholders, end users, and businesses to share, collaborate, empower and communicate. Check out more. (link to the communication & outreach page)

Drupal Developement

Experts in Drupal, one of the most popular platforms for web application development and content management solutions.