Survey Methodology

Trevital conducts surveys with stakeholders to gather continuous feedback through the life cycle of a project to determine awareness, readiness, and adoption for key decision-making.

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Surveys Methodology Compliance & Best Practices

Surveys are conducted in various formats to gain insight into a product or service. Trevital encourages the use of surveys to gauge the awareness, readiness, and adoption of a project through the life cycle to enable the right conversations and redirect the design and development of a product before it's too late.

Identify Audience

Identification of your true audience is essential to gaining the right information to make data-driven decisions.


Great survey design can help to drive efficient data collection.


We communicate with stakeholders and your audience so that they are primed for short-term and longitudinal studies.


We construct your surveys on the platform of your choice and have utilized industry-leading survey tools for enterprise and agency data collection.



We'll do the lifting by deploying your survey and preparing data for your review.


Disaggregation of data is key to successfully understanding what your data is telling you.

Score Card

We help align your strategies with your goals to develop a balanced score card which is invaluable.


Your data tells a story and paints a picture. We help you align this information and visualization that helps you strategize clearly.

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