Program & Project Management

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our product owners to deliver engaging digital applications and data from multiple sources through APIs in cloud-managed services.

Program & Project Management

Program Management

Trevital Program Management professionals provide daily program management throughout the program lifecycle, define the program governance and plan the overall program, and monitor the progress, and the program’s budget while managing risks and issues and taking corrective measurements. Our team leaders coordinate the projects and their interdependencies, manage and utilize resources across projects, stakeholders, align deliverables to the program’s outcome, oversee the program documentation, and enforce Quality Control and monitoring.

Project Management

Trevital approaches our project management utilizing the Principles of the Project Management Institutes (PMI) best practices and standards to manage each project and continuously report the status. Following the PMI methodology, our Project Managers use project cycle management which follows the five phases of project management: conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project closure.

Planning and Monitoring

Trevital creates project plans with a work breakdown structure for each project to monitor the progress.

Managing Risks and Issues

Identify risks, issues and develop mitigation plans. 

Stakeholder Communication

Connect regularly with stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.


Create enterprise life cycle documents to capture each phase of the process. 

Measuring Success

Measured by the success of program strategies, ROI, and company-wide objectives

Program Governance

Follow program governance in each deliverable and document.

Business Change Manager

The ability to engage customers grows more challenging every year, as new channels emerge and the customer journey becomes more complex. 






Trevital’s works within our customers' Professional Management Office (PMO) to manage high-visibility projects that reach over 300M customers.




Trevital’s supports the Transformation Office, TMO, for our fortune 50 customer in providing professional services.