Case Study - Data Migration Project (Cornerstone)

Data Migration Project

The Challenge:

Nestles acquired The Bountiful Company and required the migration of the Data from the Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS) from the source system to the target system. This project was uncompleted under a prior contract therefore discovery, stakeholder interviews and was required prior to starting the work.

Our Approach:

Following an agile-based implementation methodology, working alongside the Nestle business owners, conducted a data analysis, inspected data quality, defined the data process, validated the data sources, identified API processes, and manual processes required to build out the new system preceding the migration efforts. Following best practices, our dedicated team improved the data while ensuring only the necessary data was transferred, backed up prior to detailing the migration scripts.

The Result

  • Identified data types, conducted mapping, data extract sheets, worksheets, generated reports, and identified inactive data.
  • Maintained the Data Migration Plan and Data Migration Specifications Documents.
  • Our team prepared the data from the source system ensuing only necessary information (Child/parent) was identifying, confirmed, and setup to be moved to the target system.