Case Study - Medicaid Web and DevOps

 Medicaid DevOps

The Challenge:

CMS/CMCS needed a contractor with open source, DevOps, Acquia cloud, and Human Centered design experience to implement best practices, identify and fix technical debt, and modernize the,, and Scorecard public facing websites.

Our Approach:

Trevital supported these websites in the design, development, operations (DevOps) aligned with the best practices of the U.S. Digital Services Playbook (USDS) and a tailored methodology to software development that leverages the SAFe® Agile methodology within Drupal 10 Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted in Acquia cloud. The core of our approach was the implementation of a DevOps process for continual improvement of digital delivery performance, enhancing the users experience, fixed the technical debt, modernized the websites, created documentation, and implemented an agile methodology across all teams. All websites follow U.S. Web Design Services standards (USWDS), OMB Federal Web Standards, CMS and HHS policies, W3C and Web Accessibility Initiatives (WAI) standards and tested for Section 508compliance along with WAVE and Google Lighthouse, and JAWS reader prior to a release.

The Result:

  • Developed Knowledge Libraries using Apache SOLR to enhance the user experience through a filtered approach and implemented Natural Language Process (NLP).
  • Two Agile DevOps teams responsible for over 90 website updates monthly, technical debt upgrades and support, for CMCS,, Scorecard, and
  • Resolved technology stack issues, upgraded software, enhanced the back end content management system, release process, and continuous delivery.
  • Met all 508 compliance and WCAG requirements for each sprint and during the agency annual review.