eLearning Course work – English and German

Ascendis Pharma

Trevital was tasked with establishing a Training approach for Ascendis Pharma U.S. and Europe sales, medical, and clinical teams on the Veeva Vault software, a cloud based solution that use Salesforce to support the Life Sciences community to expedite Ascendis products through the regulatory processes and remain compliant. Trevital’s training team established a Training approach that follows the ADDIE model, Analysis, Design, Develop and Evaluate.  The  eLearning courses focus on the Veeva Vault system used by Ascendis Pharma to build software to teach their staff the process and procedures required to meet FDA regulations on Pharma companies meeting and remaining compliant and deploy into an enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) for We identified Articulate 360 platform as the eLearning course authoring tool due to its flexibility to create customized courses, features such as closed captioning, digital audio/video segments, create templates, and assessments within modules, a final quiz and the ability to generate a certificate and its interconnected app features.  We work within Cornerstone, an enterprise LMS, to upload new courses, update existing courses, tag, and attach relevant assets to a course that is relevant to the subject matter and manage user setings via notifications, alerts, and acknowledge certification acceptance.  To manage the content and digital materials for this project, our team uses Box as our content management system to coordinate, organize, secure documents, and enable version control on the script/storyboards, documents, artifacts, and digital assets containing graphic, video, and audio files we create for each course.

Services rendered
  • Custom eLearning course development
  • Digital Video, Narration, and simulation
  • Quizzes and Interactive Assignments
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • User Friendly Dashboards
  • Script/Storyboard documentation
  • Video demonstrations with instructional narration
  • Cornerstone Learning Management System management
  • Library of training courses and manuals
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications